DSU Launching an Esports Class

Dakota State is launching an Introduction to Esports course for the fall semester.

The course, open to all students, is online and structured around independent research and lectures, according to Instructor and DSU Esports Coach Andy Roland.

Students will learn about industry trends and how to navigate them, team dynamics, and event management. Some industry trends include looking at top esports companies, games being played and how they are structured, audience and viewership, different revenue structures, and how trends change rapidly. 

Designed to appeal to more than just esports athletes, this will provide a pathway for future educators to learn about esports administration so that they can develop and implement esports teams within their school districts.

If you are interested in enrolling in GAME 292: Introduction to Esports, please email [email protected]. This course is fully online and asynchronous and runs from 8/21/23 – 12/13/23.