The Madison City Commission has repealed it’s resolution limiting the number of patrons that can be inside the city’s casinos, bars, and restaurants.  Commissioners discussed the repeal during their meeting Monday.  The original resolution containing the limitations was approved by commissioners in early April because of the COVID-19 pandemic and most recently had been approved to be in place until May 22nd.  Commissioners on Monday approved a separate resolution repealing the original one and strongly suggesting that people follow Governor Kristi Noem’s “Back to Normal” plan for the state, which recommends following CDC hygiene and social distancing practices.  

Before approving the repeal resolution on Monday, the commission heard from Greater Madison Area Chamber of Commerce Board President Daniel Buresh. 

Chamber Executive Director Eric Hortness also spoke to commissioners, encouraging them to make suggestions as to how these businesses should consider operating.  Hortness suggested things like having six feet distance in seating and using one-time use items like paper menus which can easily be disposed of.  

Commissioner Kelly Johnson said that this needs to be treated as an incremental step and that the issue comes down to personal responsibility on behalf of the business owners and the community. 

Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin said that the commission can take action again if its needed.

Commissioner Mike Waldner said that it could be a long time yet before the coronavirus pandemic ends and he said that ultimately people will make decisions based on what’s best for them and their families. 

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the resolution repealing the limitations.  The resolution goes into effect immediately.