District 8 lawmakers create video discussing Coronavirus Relief Fund money

The  state is accepting applications now for grants available through money the state received through the federal CARES Act.  The legislature met in special session last week to approve how to spend some of the one-point-two-five-billion dollars that the state received in Coronavirus Relief Fund dollars.  Small businesses, community-based health care providers, and non-profits negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply for some of the grant funding being made available through the Small Business and Healthcare Provider Relief Program.  Applications for the various grants available are being accepted through October 23rd.  The money has to be spent by the state by December 30th.  

District 8 lawmakers last week put together a video outlining some of the programs and answering questions they had received from constituents.  District 8 Representative Randy Gross, who serves on the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee, said that there’s no perfect program but that they hope to help out those who need it.

District 8 Senator Casey Crabtree said that there is a total of 400-million dollars of the funding available for small business grants for eligible businesses.

Some of the other programs available include ten-million dollars in direct grants to recently started eligible businesses whose growth has been impacted as a result of the pandemic, and the Small Nonprofit COVID Interruption program, which will provide up to 40-million dollars to eligible small non-profits who have experienced a negative impact because of the pandemic.

There is also the Acute Care in Hospitals program, which will provide up to 15-million dollars to eligible hospitals, and the Community Based Healthcare Providers program, which will provide up to 115-million dollars for eligible community providers who have experienced a reduction in business as a result of the pandemic. 

District 8 lawmakers video on SD’s Coronavirus Relief Funds

Small Business COVID Interruption program

Small Business Startup program

Acute Care in Hospitals program

Small Nonprofit COVID Interruption program

Community Based Healthcare Providers program

Eligible businesses and organizations will be able to apply for these various grants from October 13-23, 2020. For assistance, please contact our call center from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at 605-937-7243. You can also email [email protected] or [email protected].

To learn more about the Small Business and Healthcare Provider Relief Program, visit COVID.SD.GOV.