State House votes to legalize industrial hemp

The state House of Representatives has passed House Bill 1008 – the bill to legalize and regulate the growth, processing and transportation of industrial hemp in the state.  The bill passed the House on a vote of 54-to-12, with four excused. Passage of the bill required a two-thirds majority vote due to the emergency clause attached to the bill.  

House Majority Leader Lee Qualm spoke on the House floor Tuesday, saying the bill was the result of a process that began last year.  The 2019 hemp bill was vetoed by Governor Kristi Noem over concerns about industrial hemp leading to legalizing marijuana in the state.

Qualm said Tuesday that this year’s bill includes three of four “guardrails” that Governor Noem is looking for.

Qualm said that work is being done on trying to meet the Governor’s fourth requirement.

House Bill 1008 next goes to the state Senate for its consideration.