More Candidates File Petitions in Lake County

Another petition has been filed in Lake County. Sheriff Sarina Talich (TAH-lish) submitted her petition for Lake County Sheriff yesterday. This will be the first time Talich runs for office.  She was appointed to  the position left vacant by the retirement of former Sheriff Tim Walburg in January of 2022.


There are 3 open positions on the Lake County Commission this year. Four candidates have turned in their petitions, including incumbent Dennis Slaughter who filed his petition yesterday joining Republicans Ryan Gebauer, Adam Leighton and Deb Reinicke.


Deb Walburg filed her petition for county treasurer, and Wendy Kloeppner (Klep-ner) has submitted her petition for States Attorney. Both are up for reelection.


The deadline for filing nominating petitions for the primary election is March 26, at 5:00 p.m.