Madison man arrested on multiple drug charges

A Madison man has been arrested on multiple drug charges.  

Madison Police arrested 27-year-old Payton Kappenman after authorities found a large amount of marijuana, marijuana wax, and THC vape cartridges during a search of his residence on Monday night.  

The Madison Police Department conducted a search of a residence on Monday night around 6:00 in the 900-block of Northwest 2nd Street.  The search warrant was a culmination of an eight month investigation in cooperation with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation.  

During the course of the search, a total of fourteen pounds of marijuana, one-point-six-pounds of marijuana wax, and 164 THC vape cartridges were located within the residence.  A total of more than three-thousand dollars was also seized. 

Kappenman is currently in custody at the Lake County Jail and facing multiple felony and misdemeanor drug-related charges in connection with the investigation and search.  

Kappenman’s charges:

SDCL 22-42-2 – Distribute/Manufacture of Controlled Drug

22-42-15 – Ingesting Substance Excluding Alcohol/To Intoxicate (Drugs)

22-42-10 – Maintaining a Place Where Drugs are Kept, Sold or Used

22-42-19 – Possession/Distribution of Drugs in Drug Free Zone

22-42-3 – Possess, Distribute, or Manufacture Schedule III Drugs

22-42-6 – Possession of Marijuana More than 10 lbs (F3)

22-42A-3 – Possession or Use Drug Paraphernalia

22-42-7 – Possession with Intent to Distribute 1 Lb or More Marijuana (F3)