In order to follow CDC guidelines, Madison City Commissioners met Monday utilizing the GoToMeeting application. It allowed those participating to either access the meeting in person, online, or over the phone.

Madison city facilities will remain closed for another month in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Madison City Commissioners discussed during their meeting Monday extending the closure time that had previously been in effect through April 1st to now be through the end of April. 

One of the city facilities closed to community traffic is the Madison Recycling Center.  Commissioner Kelly Johnson explained what options city residents have for their recycling in the meantime.

Johnson also encouraged residents not to use public playground equipment in parks.

Johnson said the city will also be leaving the public restrooms at the city’s parks locked until further notice.  

More information on the city’s closures can be found on its website. 

Mayor Marshall Dennert also discussed during Monday’s meeting the need for public meetings of all city boards to either be postponed or held virtually in some manner.  City Attorney David Jencks said that some requirements may need to be met through the state’s open meetings laws, but that the boards can work with the city’s Finance Office to help them with the proper accommodations if necessary.