The Madison City Commission has adopted a resolution limiting the number of patrons who can be inside or outside of the city’s casinos, bars, and restaurants to ten following CDC guidelines in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak.  Commissioners discussed the resolution in a special meeting Thursday. After much discussion by the commissioners and those attending the meeting either in person or virtually, City Attorney David Jencks stated what the resolution will now include.

Mayor Marshall Dennert said at the start of Thursday’s meeting that he had received some complaints and concerns that the city wasn’t doing enough, and that after reaching out to some of the commissioners without a lot of feedback, he visited some of the businesses himself.  But, he said, there wasn’t anything that could be done without a resolution approved by the commission. Dennert said the discussion was then placed on the commission’s agenda for its Monday meeting this week.

Police Chief Justin Meyer said that many businesses are taking the necessary steps to follow the CDC guidelines, but the city’s resolution is needed in order for them to handle the ones who aren’t.

Violators of the resolution can face a fine of two-hundred dollars per violation.  Jencks said the violations can be given on a daily basis and subsequent violations could lead to further action.  

The resolution adopted by commissioners Thursday is in effect through May 4th.  Commissioners can vote to modify, extend, or revoke the resolution at any time.  

Madison City Resolution 2020-09

Special Madison City Commission meeting – April 9th, 2020