Madison Aquatic Center pool to be cleaned out before opening May 28th

The Madison Aquatic Center pool collected a lot of dirt and debris during last Thursday’s storm, but city officials are confident it should be able to be cleaned up and open on time on May 28th.  During Monday’s city commission meeting, City Parks Supervisor Mike McGillivray said that the inside of the pool will be the main thing that needs to be cleaned up before it opens.

McGillivray said that they started pumping the water out of the pool on Monday and then it will need to be power washed and cleaned out.  After that, they will put water in again and give it time to sit before adding the necessary chemicals to it later this week.

McGillivray said that there was no structural damage to the pool, but the park surrounding it did suffer a lot of damage.

Mayor Roy Lindsay said that they hope to also have the park area cleaned up before the pool opens a week from Saturday.  

City Administrator Jameson Berreth said that they do have the sixteen lifeguards necessary to have the Madison Aquatic Center open, with slightly reduced hours.  He said all hours are the same as in the past, except there will be no evening hours on Sundays through Thursdays.  



May 17, 2022