Live theater is returning to Madison within the next couple of weeks.  The Sioux Empire Community Theatre, based in Sioux Falls, is bringing the play “Steel Magnolias” to the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on Saturday, November 2nd.  

Robin Byrne, Executive Director of the Sioux Empire Community Theatre, says they have had success with this performance this year.  

Byrne says they got the idea to come to Madison to perform “Steel Magnolias” from the Theatre’s Board President and Madison native Rick Weiland.  He says that they hope to bring more to Madison in the future.  

“Steel Magnolias” is the Sioux Empire Community Theatre’s first show to travel outside of Sioux Falls.

Tickets for the show are 25-dollars and can be purchased at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse in Madison, or either by phone (605-360-4800) or online at