Lake County reported its highest number of positive COVID-19 cases in a weekend this past weekend.  Information released by the state Department of Health lists Lake County with an additional 44 positive COVID-19 cases since Friday.  The county also had 34 more recovered cases, and the number of deaths remained at nine.  This puts the number of active cases now in Lake County at 133.  Twenty Lake County residents have ever been hospitalized because of the virus.    

Statewide, more than 27-hundred new positive COVID-19 cases were reported over the weekend, and 22 additional deaths.  New deaths in our area were reported in Miner, Moody, and Brookings counties.  

The number of active cases in the state decreased slightly to a total of more than 13-thousand-100, but the number of people currently hospitalized because of the virus increased to 421.  

The number of active COVID-19 cases in our area counties increased to 118 in McCook County, and 92 in Kingsbury County over the weekend.  During that same timeframe, the number of active cases decreased in Moody County to 70, and in Miner County to 54, while Brookings County’s number of active cases went down to 338.  

COVID-19 information is updated daily by the state Department of Health on its website at