Lake County Commission supports expansion of Vermillion Basin

The Lake County Commission has approved a resolution supporting the expansion of the Vermillion Basin Water Development District.  

Representatives from the Vermillion Basin and East Dakota Water Development Districts met with Lake County Commissioners last month to determine if they were still interested in having portions of the county change districts.  Four years ago, the commission approved a resolution supporting five townships in the western part of the county joining the Vermillion Basin Water Development District.  The resolution approved this week by commissioners re-affirms that support.  

Vermillion district officials are trying to create a district that would encompass the entire Vermillion Watershed.  Currently, the district includes only Turner and Clay counties, but McCook County voters last month approved a ballot measure adding them to the district also.  

The portion of Lake County that would switch from the East Dakota to the Vermillion Basin Water Development District would include Wayne, Concord (CON-curd), Winfred, Clarno, and Orland townships.  

Expanding the district will require more people to serve on its board of directors. 

The Water District officials will also need to work with the state legislature for its approval for the expanded Vermillion Basin Water Development District.