The Lake County Commission is holding its regular meeting on Tuesday morning.  On the agenda for county commissioners is Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Dave Hare, along with Elizabeth Squyer of Architecture, Incorporated to discuss the bid awarding for the remodeling of the county courthouse’s bathrooms.  That appointment is at 9:10 Tuesday, followed by Cam Shafer with Sporty’s Bar & Grill at 9:30 for a temporary special on-sale alcohol license.  

Veterans Service Officer Courtney VanZanten and Jey Cole with Sioux Falls VA Health Care Systems will meet with commissioners to discuss the Telehealth Access Point and Memorandum of Understanding, and Emergency Manager Kody Keefer, along with representatives from FEMA and SBA will discuss disaster area recovery at 9:50 Tuesday morning.

Sheriff Tim Walburg is on the county commission’s agenda tomorrow to declare surplus property and to discuss a resolution to transfer property to Moody County.  Treasurer Deb Walburg will meet with the commission regarding a promissory note for repayment of delinquent taxes, and at 10:20 Tuesday, State Hazard Mitigation Officer Jim Poppen will meet with commissioners for an acknowledge notice of the hazard mitigation grant program.  

Chester Township officials are scheduled to meet with the commission also at 10:30 tomorrow morning regarding an ordinance for a new speed zone near Chester.  

The Lake County Commission meeting on Tuesday begins at 9:00 in the commission room in the county courthouse in Madison.  

Lake County Commission agenda