Lake County Hears Concerns About Commissioner Behavior

Some comments were made at the Lake County Commission meeting yesterday dealing with Commissioner Deb Reinicke, and at least two individuals felt that her treatment of Emergency Management (EM) Director Kody Keefer has been unfair.

David Wegener, in a letter that he gave to the commissioners, described what he said was a “systematic attack” on Keefer. Wegener states in his letter that he believes Reinicke “needs to be immediately removed from the 911 Notification system.”

Steve Engebretson, who also signed the letter to the commission, asked the commission, How far is too far?

The letter was signed by David R. Wegener, who served the Madison Police Department for 33 and a half years, and Steve Engebretson, who is a 37-year retired military veteran.

The commission took no action and held no immediate discussion regarding the letter or comments.

You can read the letter given to commissioners by clicking on the link below.

8-1-23 Commission Letter