Gracevale Hutterian Brethren Gets Conditional Use Application

The Lake County Commission on Tuesday met as a Board of Adjustment, and approved a Conditional Use application from the Gracevale Hutterian Brethren.

The request was to replace destroyed CAFO barns and increase the bird inventory to a Class B. The request would increase the turkey barn capacity to allow for an additional 29,000 birds. The proposed finishing barns would raise the potential site inventory to 50,000 birds. 

Earlier this month, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the Conditional use. Lake County Highway Superintendent Nels Nelson said he did not see any conflict with the increased size of the barns. 

The turkey confinement currently consists of a starter barn under construction to replace a previous barn that was destroyed in the wind storm this past May of 2022, as well as an existing finishing barn. The two proposed finishing barns will be located east of the starter barn.