Dakota State University’s Gaming Club is holding its annual gaming convention – Nanocon – this weekend.

The annual event starts Friday evening and is free and open to the public.  Nanocon offers board, video, and live action role-playing games for guests. There is also informal cosplay, a table to paint miniatures, esports tournaments available for viewing, and vendors selling games and other items at the event.

Rachel Groth, Gaming Club president, is a senior triple major in computer science, computer game design, and math.  She said they have over 200 games in their cabinets and they have people willing to help people learn and set up those games.

Groth said Nanocon often brings back alumni who were involved with the Gaming Club or were game design majors.

Nanocon is also a way for interested parties to learn more about the game design program at Dakota State. Juniors and seniors in the game design project classes will be showcasing their own creations for the school year on Saturday afternoon.

All ages are welcome at Nanocon, however children age 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult, and all adults and attendees 14 and up will be required to have a photo ID for entrance.  More information on Nanocon can be found on the DSU Gaming Club’s website.