DSU hosting Rushing Water events

Events focused on water will be the highlight of a Dakota State University event later this week.  

DSU speech instructor and Theater Director Ann Elder is planning a weekend of water-themed events to discuss the resource.  

It is called “Hands Across Rushing Water: A Chat Aqua” and will be free and open to the public.  

Elder is working with DSU students and faculty to engage the audience through theater productions, artwork, and speakers during the two-day event. Her goal with the Chat Aqua is that it will lead to an open conversation about water.

  Dylan Thomas Elwood, a playwright originally from North Dakota, wrote the play “Rushing Water” specifically for this event.  DSU students will perform the play for the first time on Friday, October 15th at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse in Madison. A second play, “Absolutely Nothing of Any Meaning,” by Sunny Drake, will also be performed by the students.  The plays will be followed by keynote speaker Dr. Daniel Wildcat, a professor at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, and then a panel discussion.

Artwork is another format in which water will be highlighted. Friday night will feature a lobby art installation by DSU Assistant Professor of Art Angela Behrends.  The works of Art Instructor Tim Rickett will be showcased on the second night of the Rushing Water program, at the BrickHouse in downtown Madison, where both plays will be presented, along with a Zoom talk with the playwright.

More information on this weekend’s event can be found on DSU’s website.