Republicans in District 8 have chosen their candidates for the South Dakota House and Senate. Incumbent Casey Crabtree was the winner of the District 8 Senate primary, while John Mills and Tim Reisch were the winners in the House race. 

Crabtree received 3,124 votes, or 79 percent. His opponent Heather Devries received 832 votes, or 21 percent. Crabtree received 80 percent of all votes cast in Lake County. 

In the District 8 House race, Tim Reisch was the leading vote getter with 3,188 votes. John Mills, an incumbent member of the legislature who was moved into District 8 after redistricting, received 1,878 votes. Lecia Summerer received 1,019 votes. 

The majority of Summerer’s votes came from Lake County. She received 626 votes, or 24 percent of votes in the county. Reisch received 1,354 votes, and Mills 552 votes in Lake County. 

District 8 consists of Lake and Miner counties, as well as portions of Brookings and Kingsbury counties.