Crews continue storm cleanup in City of Madison

Crews in the City of Madison continue to work on cleaning up tree debris from last Thursday’s storm.  The crews are using large equipment to load and remove the tree debris left in the city’s boulevards.  Madison Mayor Roy Lindsay reminds people to give the crews room to do their job.

The city asks residents to be patient as the crews work to get all of the tree debris cleaned up first.  Storm debris will be picked up after the cleanup of the trees is completed.

If residents want to haul their own tree debris, they can take it to the Yardwaste site on 456th Avenue, just north of the city’s wastewater treatment plant.  All construction debris needs to be taken to the Restricted Use site, located two miles west and a half mile north of Junius.  The site is open from nine until noon and one until four this week and fees will be waived for storm debris at this time. 



May 19, 2022