The Lake County Commission has delayed action on a resolution that would include speed reductions for trucks on some county roads when spring load limits are in effect.  During the commission’s meeting this week, county Highway Superintendent Nels Nelson discussed the resolution that would put in place a speed limit of 40 miles-an-hour for trucks on six different areas on county roads when spring load limits are in place.  

Commissioners asked Nelson if he was able to find any documentation supporting the fact that lowering the speed limit on trucks would benefit the roads.  Nelson said he has contacted the state Department of Transportation and was referred to the state’s Local Transportation Assistance Program (or LTAP).

Commissioners, including Deb Reinicke and Adam Leighton, also asked that the definition of trucks be included in the resolution.

Commissioner Dennis Slaughter made the motion to delay action on the resolution until the commission’s next meeting on February 2nd, in order to have more discussion and clarification.