County approves new reduced speed zone

Lake County Commissioners have approved the second reading of an ordinance establishing a lower speed limit on a portion of 451st Avenue, south of the Madison Country Club area.  Commissioners approved the ordinance Tuesday, after hearing concerns from a few residents who disagreed with the lower speed limit and the length of it.

The ordinance lowers the speed limit for two miles of 451st Avenue, south of 233rd Street, from 55 to 45-miles-per-hour.  The basis for the speed zone change came about after Sheriff Tim Walburg told commissioners last month that he had received speeding complaints in that area over the years and surveyed the residents who lived there to get their thoughts on reducing the speed limit.

During a public hearing on the ordinance Tuesday, three residents who said they travel 451st Avenue on a daily basis, but were not part of those surveyed, expressed their concerns, including Fred Janke.

Commissioner Deb Reinicke said that lowering the speed limit is for the safety and protection of the people who live in that area, and it helps protect the road as well.  

Commissioner Aaron Johnson said that he supported the lower speed limit.

The ordinance approved by commissioners Tuesday will reduce the speed limit to 45-miles-per-hour on 451st Avenue from 233rd to 235th Street (or the Camp Lakodia corner).


August 3, 2022