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County adopts 5-year Highway and Bridge Improvement Plan

The Lake County Commission has adopted the county’s five-year Highway and Bridge Improvement Plan.  Commissioners reviewed the plan during their meeting Tuesday, after a public meeting was held regarding it last week, and then also approved a resolution adopting the plan.  

Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust told commissioners that the county uses the five-year plan for a number of different things.

Gust said the county also needs to have the plan in place in order to be eligible for the state’s Bridge Improvement Grant funding.

Highway Superintendent Nels Nelson said that the county has 82 miles of gravel roads and 220 miles of paved roads in the county’s highway system.  He outlined and explained maps regarding plans for chip sealing, pulling shoulders on gravel roads, bridges, and the county’s overlay projects. 

Nelson explained the current plan for overlay projects for next year. 

Both Gust and Nelson said that the five-year plan can change due to unexpected changes in road conditions, weather, or cost.  


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