Madison City Commissioners have agreed to help out with the cost of a project involving turning lanes near the Lakeview Industrial Park. On Monday, Lake Area Improvement Corporation Executive Director Eric Fosheim asked commissioners to help fund the project, which has been recommended because of the development planned in the park.  Fosheim said a study was done several years ago that recommended the installation of turning lanes on Highway 34 near Industry Avenue if further development happened in the eastern part of the Industrial Park.  

Fosheim said that the LAIC has hired a firm to do another traffic study on Highway 34 at both the intersections of Industry Avenue and Division Avenue.  

City commissioners approved a 170-thousand dollar contribution to the project, to come out of the city’s 2021 budget and the 2nd cent sales tax fund. Fosheim said it will help in the future development of that area.

Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin said it’s a good way for the city to get involved and help out with this project.

Fosheim said that Running’s is expecting to break ground this fall.  He said that he will continue to work with the state Department of Transportation and others involved in order to keep the project moving forward.