City Meeting Agenda

Madison City Commissioners will meet tonight for their regular board meeting. The commissioners will approve the hiring of Savannah Olinger as the city’s new Communications and Marketing Coordinator. 


Also today, the commissioners will hold a hearing of a new Community Development and Housing Needs Assessment. The Assessment would prioritize the Construction of an Early Learning Center for the city, as well as maintenance and improvement of city infrastructure. Other Community Development needs to be addressed by the assessment are new single-family housing units, promoting economic development, and refurbishing or upgrading existing housing structures. 


Commissioners will also review the draft of the new City of Madison Recreation Trail Master Plan. The draft of that plan will lay out the city’s plan for a trail system within the city. The plan would utilize the city’s floodplain and creek properties, and connect the trial to Lake Herman. 


Tonight’s City Commission meeting begins tonight at 5:30pm, in the commission room at Madison City Hall.