The City of Madison has hired a new Finance Officer.  Commissioner Adam Shaw announced at the Madison City Commission meeting that a Finance Officer had been hired and will start in the position on January 19th.  Mayor Marshall Dennert said that Sonya Wilt of Madison will fill the position.  Wilt will take over the position previously held by Jennifer Eimers, who resigned in October.

Dennert also announced that he is looking for volunteers interested in serving on the Business Improvement District (or BID) committee.  This is a five-person committee which will come up with recommendations for the commission on how the money raised through the BID should be spent.  The BID includes an occupational tax of two-dollars a night on guests of the city’s hotels, motels, or lodging establishments, and is estimated to generate between 50-and-100-thousand dollars annually.  

Dennert said that three of the committee members will most likely be representatives of the three different motels in the city, along with two others.  He said he has had some interest from a couple of people who want to serve on the committee, but he wants anyone interested to contact him by January 25th.  Dennert will then bring his recommendation for the five-person committee to the city commission for its approval on February 1st.