The Madison City Commission has approved a permit for a second downtown Madison business to place a temporary platform within the city’s right-of-way.  During their meeting Monday, commissioners approved an application for a permit to occupy the city’s right-of-way for The Office Bar and Grill located on the corner of Egan Avenue and Southwest 1st Street in Madison.  The Office’s request is to locate the bump out platform temporarily on the north side of the business on Southwest 1st Street.  It would begin on the west side of the yellow painted parking zone and extend 22-feet to the west to the end of the second parking spot there.  

The Office’s permit said the platform would be 12-feet by 22-feet.  Commissioner Bob Thill questioned whether the 12 feet in width would be too wide for the area.  Mayor Marshall Dennert said that he had talked with Madison Police Chief Justin Meyer and said that he had some concerns with that as well, but would be okay with it being ten feet in width.  Commissioners approved the permit for the bump out to be ten feet by 22-feet, with Commissioner Mike Waldner abstaining from the discussion and vote. 

On the application, The Office’s owner Carson Stemper indicated that the platform will have railings surrounding it with light caps on each one and reflective tape on the corners.  It is expected to provide outdoor seating for approximately ten to eighteen people.

City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers told commissioners that this is an annual permit, but it will not have to come back for their approval each year.  She said the bump out will be able to be in place from May through October and must be removed by November 1st each year.