The Madison City Commission has approved a contract for engineering services to study the sanitary sewer service in an area of northwest Madison.  During their meeting Monday, commissioners approved a contract with Banner Associates to do the study and preliminary engineering report for the project.  City Engineer Chad Comes said it will include some work that may be able to be done along with the city’s current Rural Development project being done in that area.

Comes said the study will also look at the potential to extend sanitary sewer service west of Highway-81 in the future.

Comes said that the portion of this study and design that is needed for the city’s Rural Development project needs to be completed for that part of the project to be bid early next year. 

City Utilities Director Brad Lawrence told commissioners Monday that this study is just the first step of a three-step project.

Comes said that the cost for Banner to do this study and design work is just more than 21-thousand dollars.