More than 300 students were awarded the Build Dakota Scholarship for this 2020-2021 school year.  

Build Dakota aims to support students entering high-need workforce programs at the state’s technical colleges to fill the state’s technical career fields with skilled professionals.  The scholarships cover tuition and fees, books, equipment, and other related program expenses for eligible programs within nine high-need industry areas at the state’s four technical colleges.  

Three Madison students received the Build Dakota Scholarships for this year.  

Elle Gehrels of Madison received the scholarship to attend Mitchell Tech in the Licensed Practical Nursing program.  Benjamin Lester and Madison Townsend, both of Madison, received the Build Dakota scholarship to attend Southeast Technical Institute.  Lester is in the Surgical Technology program and Townsend is in the Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program.  

Gavin Mitchell of Ramona received a scholarship to attend Lake Area Technical College in the Diesel Technology program, and Colton Spader of Howard is attending Mitchell Tech in the Electrical Construction & Maintenance program utilizing the Build Dakota Scholarship.