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Additional COVID-19 deaths and positive cases reported Tuesday

The state Department of Health reported nearly one-thousand new COVID-19 cases in its Tuesday update, which included data from the weekend. 

The state reports more than 72-hundred active COVID-19 cases, with the death toll from the virus rising to 2092.  Currently, 215 people are hospitalized because of the virus. 

The state reports 289 confirmed cases of the Delta variant so far in the state.

Locally, Lake County had 30 active COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday and is listed in the substantial community spread category.  McCook County has 21 active cases and is also in the substantial community spread category.

Brookings, Moody, Kingsbury, and Miner counties are all listed by the state as having high community spread.  As of Tuesday, Brookings County reported 225 active COVID-19 cases, Moody County had 22, Kingsbury County reported 20 and Miner County had ten active cases.  

Also as of Tuesday, just more than 57-percent of the state’s eligible residents had completed their COVID-19 vaccination series, while 63-percent had received at least one dose.  

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