October is here and amongst many things that means playoff baseball. Yes, the 2019 season has been an interesting ride with the historic number of home runs hit, bullpens being pushed to the max and the Los Angeles Dodgers winning another NL West title. We also know with playoff baseball comes that slight edge of uncertainty, will the best make it to the World Series? Will there be a team that gets hot at the right time? Is this finally the year that  the Twins beat the Yankees in a playoff series?

More often than not it is pitching that dominates during the postseason and there are teams loaded with starting pitching and solid bullpens, but this year could play out differently. Here are a few tid-bits to stew over even after a few games into the postseason: seven of the top eight home run hitting teams made the playoffs for the first time in MLB history, the team with the smallest payroll made the playoffs (Tampa Rays),  the Washington Nationals won their first playoff series in franchise history (yes, the Wild Card game counts as a series) and it has been nearly 20 years since we’ve had back to back World Series Champions. 

The Divisional round has begun for the American League and the National League, with the Twins getting their series underway with the Yankees here this evening in the Bronx. Certainly anything goes during playoff time and as long as Phil Cuzzi isn’t umpiring the Left Field line in New York, Twins should be just fine.