Front Door Service

With schools across South Dakota now officially closed through the end of the school year, teachers and students alike are adapting to virtual classrooms. While there is an unlimited amount of  resources available to get through these times, every once and awhile you just need some basic one on one. 

Dakota State Head Football Coach Josh Anderson’s daughter, Riley, was stuck on a Math question and had to seek a higher power to find the answer. Fortunately, her Math teacher is neighbor and MHS Wrestling Coach Chris Waba. Mr. Waba brought over a white-board and worked Riley through the problem with the front glass door of the Anderson’s separating the two. 

What started out as just a fun little moment, with Riley getting the helpe she needed, the picture that captured the moment went “Viral” and the Anderson’s have made a few appearances on networks around the nation! Coach Anderson talks about the whole experience

A small gesture can go a long way, well done on Coach Waba’s part.