Cornbelt vs. Sunshine Showdown starts in Parkston Friday Night

The Cornbelt vs. Sunshine Showdown starts tonight, with all games played at “The Pond” in Parkston. Salem takes on the Parkston Mudcats at 6pm, followed by Colman vs. Corsica/Stickney. Saturday at noon the Wood Ducks take on Crofton Nebraska, followed by Madison vs. Miller/Wessington at 2pm, Lennox vs. Mount Vernon at 4pm, and Canova vs. the Parkston Devil Rays at 6. 

The Showdown concludes Sunday with the Hartford/Humboldt Gamecocks vs. Platte at noon, 

Dell Rapids PBR vs. Dimock/Emery at 2 pm, Flandreau vs. Alexandria at 4pm, and the Dell Rapids Mudcats vs. Winner/Colome at 6. 

The Cornbelt Leauge won the Showdown last year 6 games to 4.