Pierce Lone Bulldog to Get Singles Win Against Lennox

In their tennis duel against Lennox earlier this week, only one Madison player was able to pick up a Singles victory. 

The lone Bulldog to win his Singles match was Taiden Pierce, who won the tie-breaker with a score of 10-8. 

Along with no other Bulldogs picking up Singles wins, Madison was also unable to get a Doubles win either, with the teams of Mason Kennington and Ethan Sims, Spencer Reverts and Chase Steuerwald, and Maguire Studer and Pierce each losing to Lennox.

Full results can be found below. 

With the loss, the Bulldogs fall to 6-4 this season. They’ll compete for the third time this week today in a Triangular against Watertown and Aberdeen Central. 


Varsity vs Lennox
Final: 1-8 Lennox
Madison- Singles Gr vs Lennox Scores: Winner:
1. Mason Kennington 12 vs 1. Jackson Plank (0-6) (1-6) J Plank (LEN)
2. Spencer Reverts 11 vs 2. Cody Plank (2-6) (0-6) C Plank (LEN)
3. Elijah Sims 11 vs 3. Andrew Daughtery (3-6) (0-6) Daughtery (LEN)
4. Chase Steuerwald 11 vs 4. Gunnar Geiken (1-6) (0-6) Geiken (LEN)
5. Taiden Pierce 9 vs 5. Eli Plank (3-6) (6-4) 10-8 Pierce (MAD)
6. Maguire Studer 9 vs 6. Noah Welch (1-6) (4-6) Welch (LEN)
Madison- Doubles Lennox Scores: Winner:
1. Kennington/Ethan Sims vs 1. J Plank/C Plank (0-6) (0-6) Lennox
2. Reverts/Steuerwald vs 2. Daughtery/E Plank (2-6) (3-6) Lennox
3. Pierce/Studer vs 3. Welch/Geiken (1-6) (1-6) Lennox