City Commission Meeting

The Madison City Commission held their second meeting for the month earlier this week. At the meeting the Commission discussed a change order for the ongoing NW 9th St/ Union Ave reconstruction project which Director of Engineering for the City of Madison, Ryan Hegg explains.



The Commission also discussed regulations on vegetation height specifically what height vegetation on citizens property can reach before it must be mowed,  City Administrator Jameson Berreth spoke more



The Commission ultimately decided to leave their grass height requirements for the boulevards unchanged but if people wish to grow native gardens in their yards they should be allowed. The city also decided to shoot down the prospect of a No Mow May.


The city also adopted a City Commission Policy and Procedure which outlines the duties of Commission members and elected officials and Madison’s practices. The meeting this week was also the final meeting of Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin term.


The next Madison City Commission Meeting will be held on Monday, May 6th at 5:30 PM at Madison City Hall in the Commission Room.