Good News, Everybody! Due to the works of a few coaches and sports-nuts across the state, coming soon will be a free and up-to-date record book for high school football stats in South Dakota. Leading the charge has been Brandon Valley assistant Matt Christensen. A self-described stathead, Christensen has been putting together a spreadsheet of historical records for the public. Getting hearty contributions from Canton head coach Rich Lundstrom and KORN Radio’s Travis Kriens, amongst others.

The task of hunting down statistics for not only all of the state’s current football programs, but defunct programs over the course of more than 100 years is task-taking, but also part of the fun for the collaborators. They have shifted through old newspapers, yearbooks and all-star teams. They have been able to separate 11-man from nine-man, and also the classes within the divisions.

Once the records are completed, the plan is to transfer them to the SDFBCA website for easy access and opportunity for wide-spread attention for players past and present.