Anyone driving within the city of Madison on Saturday will want to take note of paving work that will be done on Washington Avenue.  Madison Mayor Marshall Dennert said that crews are planning to work on paving a large portion of the west side of Washington Avenue from 10th Street (or the bypass intersection) and north for several blocks, to near the south entrance to Lewis.  Dennert said that there will be limited access to 9th and 10th Streets during the day Saturday, depending on where the paver is at because it will be taking up a portion of the east lane as well. He said that a flag person will be working on 10th Street to help with traffic.  Dennert said that businesses like Lewis, Dollar General, 2nd Street Diner, and the Washington Plaza will still be accessible from the north by getting onto Washington Avenue at 4th Street and driving south. He said that anyone trying to go to Prostrollo’s on Saturday should use the entrance off of the bypass instead of Washington Avenue.