Secretary of State Monae L. Johnson announced that the No Labels Party has officially been recognized by South Dakota after a review of their petitions.


Johnson says her approval of the petitions allows for candidates at the federal, state, legislative and county offices to run as recognized members of the No Labels party for the 2024 election cycle. The No Labels Party has 30 days to adopt a constitution or bylaws governing its organization and conduct to the Secretary of State’s office.


“The No Labels Party’s petitions contained roughly 8,000 signatures and 3,502 are required by law to organize a new political party in South Dakota The Secretary of States office validated enough signatures to surpass that number, so the No Labels Party will be the latest political party to be officially recognized in South Dakota.”


The No Labels Party is new to South Dakota and currently has no registered voters. No Labels Party joins the Democratic, Libertarian and Republican parties in South Dakota.