The Madison Police Department is investigating a report of a stolen vehicle.  Police Chief Justin Meyer said that a car was reported stolen from the 100 block of South Egan Avenue in front of Anytime Fitness just before 8:30 Wednesday night.  Meyer said that the owner of the vehicle had parked it and went into Anytime Fitness at around 7:30 Wednesday evening, and when officers looked at the business’ security video, a person was spotted walking up to and getting into the vehicle and driving away about three minutes after the driver went into the building.  Meyer said the keys were in the vehicle, but it was not running at the time.  

Officers investigating the theft then later spotted the vehicle parked back in front of the Anytime Fitness building at around 1:30 Thursday morning.  Meyer said the owner did not notice anything missing or stolen from the vehicle and officers are still investigating.

He said this is a good reminder for people, especially in the colder weather now, to not leave keys in an unlocked vehicle, and to make sure the vehicle is locked if it is running to warm up.