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Madison City Commission approves city employee salaries for 2022

The Madison City Commission has approved a resolution establishing city employees’ compensation for 2022.  During their meeting Monday, commissioners approved the resolution after hearing about some of the changes in it from City Administrator Jameson Berreth.  Berreth told commissioners that the resolution includes the changes they approved last week with restructuring the city’s engineering department to be called the Engineering and Community Development and the Director’s position to go with that.  He said that there are also a couple of new Administrative Assistant positions included in the resolution.

Berreth said with the new positions included in the resolution, he will work with the departments to put together job descriptions and bring them back to the commission for approval to advertise for them. 

Another new position included in the city’s salary resolution, Berreth said, would be a Building Maintenance Operator position.

Berreth said that there are also a couple of changes within the resolution for a couple of supervisors.  He said that the Electric and Parks Supervisor positions will be moved to exempt Superintendent positions based on several factors that moves them out of the realm of hourly positions. 

Included overall in the resolution approved by commissioners is a three-percent adjustment in the city’s grade and step scale for employees and an additional one-and-a-half percent increase following the approval of each individual employee’s department head.  

Berreth said that the salary resolution for next year needs to be approved now so that it is in place before the city’s first payroll of 2022, which that pay period starts on December 19th.  

Commissioners Monday also approved the city’s contract with the City Administrator for 2022.  

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