The Lake County Commission meeting was held yesterday. Brooke Rollag, the Executive Director of the Lake Area Improvement Corporation appeared before the Commission to request a contribution of $50,552 over 10 years for the Washington Ave/ 455th Ave project. Brooke Rollag talked about the total cost of the project. 



The county ultimately agreed to the request from LAIC.


The county also updated their E911 Addressing fees. County Administrator Shelli Gust explains the cost and timeline



SD First planning Director Todd Kays, gave an update on some of the things they have accomplished in the last  year.



Some other items at the meeting were $38,000 was requested from the county for railroad crossing maintenance, The county also withdrew from consideration for the BIG bridge grant after additional costs made it unattainable. 


The next Lake County Commission Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 5th at 9:00 AM in the Commission room in the Lake County Courthouse.