The Lake County Commission has agreed to allow organized youth baseball teams to use the Field of Dreams in Madison for games starting on June 1st.  Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust told commissioners during their meeting Tuesday that the county has an agreement with the City of Madison and the Madison Youth Baseball Association for the use of the field.  She said that with the City’s approval of the use of it’s ball fields, those using the Field of Dreams should follow the same guidelines established by the city’s Park and Recreation Board and the baseball association.  Commissioners approved the use of the field for organized youth baseball activities starting June 1st, subject to the guidelines that have been established.  They said the bathrooms at the field will be open during games, but that the association will be responsible for locking them at night when games are done.  

Commissioners on Tuesday also approved the use of the Lake County 4-H grounds for a drive-through event for the Lake County Relay for Life.  Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Dave Hare said that Relay for Life organizers are planning to hold more of a virtual event on June 20th, which will include an opportunity for people to drive through and look at luminaries lined along the road through the 4-H grounds.   Commissioner Dennis Slaughter said that as long as there was not going to be a congregation of people for the event, he didn’t see any problem with allowing the use of the grounds for it.  

Commissioners Tuesday delayed approval of a request from Miles Maas to use the grounds for a swine show later in June.  They will discuss that request again at their next meeting on June 4th.