DSU AT&T Contribution

The Dakota State University Foundation will receive a $27,000 AT&T contribution to help expand the university’s CybHER program to support more students affected by the digital divide from South Dakota’s nine tribal nations.


The AT&T contribution will allow CybHER to continue enhancing digital literacy for tribal students who have limited or no access to technology due to issues of accessibility, affordability, and adoption. Thanks to this support from AT&T, Dakota State University’s (DSU) CybHER teams will work with Boys & Girls Clubs on tribal nations, bringing technology outreach and digital literacy training. The mission of CybHER is to empower, motivate, and educate students of all ages by providing training and resources about cyber fields.


The $27,000 AT&T contribution is part of the company’s commitment to help bridge the digital divide by connecting students to skills, resources, and opportunities for success in school and in life.