Much was discussed during the Lake County Commission meeting yesterday The main topic of discussion at Yesterday’s meeting was the 2.8 million dollar opt out plan for the county roads and the county approving that plan. Commissioner Corey Johnke and Shelli Gust  spoke about the reasonings behind why the county is asking for the 2.8 Million



Not everyone was on board with the opt out decision Steve Kant of Madison was one of the people attending the meeting and spoke on some of his concerns with the opt out.



The County Commission Voted unanimously to go ahead with the opt out plan. The people still have a chance to petition against the decision with 5% of the population of Madison needed to veto the decision at the start of the official publication. 


Another thing discussed at the meeting was potential budget cuts County Administrative Officer Shelli Gust goes more in depth on the requests and where potential cuts could be made



No cuts have been made at this time and will be discussed more at the next meeting.