City of Madison prepares five-year Capital Improvement Plan

The City of Madison has prepared a plan for capital improvement projects for the next five years.  Madison City Commissioners reviewed and acknowledged the city’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan during their meeting on Monday.  City Administrator Jameson Berreth said that the city worked with the engineering firm ISG to prepare the plan, which includes a total of around 66-million dollars in projects.  Berreth said that there are a few larger projects that are part of the plan.

Berreth said that there are also some new recurring projects included in the five-year plan.

Mayor Roy Lindsay said that the five-year Capital Improvement Plan is a vision for the future for the city and that everything is subject to change.  Berreth said that commissioners should also re-visit the plan each year when preparing the city’s budget.  


December 22, 2022