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City facing obstacles with damage to Madison Aquatic Center

The City of Madison is facing several obstacles when it comes to getting the Madison Aquatic Center fully operational again.  City Utilities Director Brad Lawrence discussed with Madison City Commissioners Monday the damage that was discovered at the pool late last fall.  He said that a heater quit working and was repaired, but then quit shortly after because of corrosion.  

Lawrence said that corrosion was then found on all metal components in the building that would take a significant amount of labor to clean.  He said that the city hired an electrical engineering firm to provide an opinion on what needed to be done, and he said they recommend replacement of everything.  Lawrence said that the city’s insurance company then came with their own people and suggested that the city look at repairing the damage. 

Lawrence said the cost of cleaning and repairing will be higher than the cost of replacing.  He said that he would recommend following the engineer’s recommendations in order to minimize the risk involved.  Lawrence said the city works with two insurers – the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance for its general insurance and Travelers Insurance for the mechanical and electrical portions.  

City Attorney David Jencks said that a settlement needs to be reached with the insurers before the commission can take any action.

Jencks suggested that Lawrence and Mayor Marshall Dennert meet with him in the next day or two to discuss the pressure and follow-up that is needed in handling the insurers.  He said that because of the liability involved, the city needs to know what the insurers will do in order to plan what it needs to do. 

Lawrence said that even when the insurance is settled, it could be difficult to get the parts and supplies needed to do the work on the pool.  

Commissioner Adam Shaw said that no matter what, the project needs to be done right.

Commissioner Bob Thill and Mayor Dennert agreed that the Madison Aquatic Center needs to be fixed the right way and the safest way.  

Commissioners did not need to take any action on the project Monday, but Jencks, Lawrence, and Dennert will meet soon to start working on getting the insurance matters settled.  

Monday’s Madison City Commission meeting can be watched here.


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