City continues closure of facilities, limits use of ball diamonds

Some of the City of Madison’s facilities will remain closed for another month.  Madison City Commissioners on Monday discussed the city’s Armory, Recycling Center, and ball diamonds.  Commissioners had earlier decided to close the facilities through April 30th, but that has now been extended until June 1st.

Commissioner Kelly Johnson said the city’s Recycling Center has receptacles available outside the building that city residents can use in the meantime, and also the city will continue to collect recycling from city residents during its normally scheduled days.  

The City Armory will remain closed until June 1st.  The Armory will be used as a polling place for the county primary and city and school board election on June 2nd.

The city’s ball diamonds will be closed to organized team or league sports until June 1st as well.  City Park Supervisor Mike McGillivray asked commissioners to clarify what should be done with the city’s ball diamonds at this time.

McGillivray said that the city’s Park Board has not had a chance to discuss the city’s ball diamonds in a meeting, because members didn’t meet this month except for an emergency meeting last week to discuss the Madison Aquatics Center, but he said he’s talked with some of the Board members about it.

The city’s Park Board will meet on May 12th and will discuss the issue more then.  Commissioners asked that a representative from the board be at the city commission’s meeting then on May 18th to discuss the Board’s recommendation for the city’s ball diamonds. 

Video of the 4/27/20 Madison City Commission meeting