The Madison City Commission reviewed and awarded proposals for the city’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure and associated options during its meeting this week.

City Utility Director Brad Lawrence and David Shpigler with The Shpigler Group provided information to city commissioners Monday on the proposals for the project that were received and evaluated for compliance.  Lawrence said seventeen total proposals were received, and they recommended four of the vendors be considered.

Commissioners approved awarding the proposal for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure base system to Open Access Technology Incorporated (OATI) of Minnesota for the approximate amount of 400-thousand dollars.  This also includes the Connect/Disconnect metering option of the project.  The commission also approved awarding the proposal for the Conservation Voltage Reduction portion of the project to OATI for approximately 210-thousand dollars.  

The proposal for the Meter Data Management System option of the project was awarded by the commission to UltiSmart for a first-year cost of approximately 60-thousand dollars and an annual cost of 47-thousand-500.  Commissioners also approved awarding the Prepay Metering System option to Exceleron for a cost of around 20-thousand dollars.  

All of these proposals total around 737-thousand-500 dollars, which Lawrence said is below the total amount budgeted for the project.  .