City approves sidewalk assessment and levy resolutions

The Madison City Commission has approved resolutions adopting the assessment rolls and levy assessments for the city’s 2021 sidewalk improvement and repair projects.  During their meeting Monday, commissioners approved the resolutions, which will allow the assessments to be sent to the county’s Treasurer’s Office for collection.  The assessments are for either new sidewalks or sidewalk repair projects completed in 2021 as part of the city’s required improvements.  The work was completed under the city’s contract with J&M Construction of Madison.

City Finance Officer Sonya Wilt told commissioners that three property owners on the list had stopped in to the Finance Office and paid their assessments for new sidewalks, and five of those with sidewalk repair assessments had already paid theirs.  She said that all of the property owners included on the two assessment rolls will receive a second letter from the city regarding what they owe, and they will have until October 19th to pay it before it goes to the county and starts accruing interest. 

The total amount of the assessment to be collected for the city’s sidewalk improvement project is more than 25-thousand dollars, while the total amount to be collected for the city’s sidewalk repair project is close to 97-hundred dollars. 


September 20, 2022