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Local law enforcement want to identify recovered stolen property

The Madison Police Department has recovered a large amount of stolen property in the past few months and want to identify the owners of the items.  

They are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the remaining property.  Most of the property is believed to have been stolen from Lake County, but it is possible it could have been stolen from surrounding towns and counties.

Some recovered property has been identified from storage units within the city of Madison; as well as storage units throughout Lake County.   Law enforcement are asking that the public please check their storage units, sheds, and outbuildings for any missing property.  The recovered property ranges from home electronics to tools, power tools, and small home valuables. 

Anyone who finds that they are missing property should attempt to find serial numbers, photographs, or receipts before making a report, as this will help law enforcement locate property quicker.  Reports can then be made to either the Madison Police Department or Lake County Sheriff’s Office.


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