Lake County Holds Their Regular Meeting Tuesday Morning

The Lake County Commission holds its regular meeting on Tuesday.

County commissioners are scheduled to hold a public hearing at 9:1514 on a temporary special malt beverage license for the Madison Fire Department for the Bull Riding event at Prairie Village.  This will be followed by an update from Brooke Rollag, the Executive Director of the LAIC.  County commissioners will also meet with Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Dave Hare regarding landscaping.  Also on the agenda for the Lake County Commission Tuesday at 10:00 is Zoning Officer Carrie Schiernbeck regarding May zoning matters and the commission will  convene as a Board of Adjustment.  Shelli Gust the Commission Administrative Officer will meet with the commission with an update on the Courthouse security grant, the Bypass – CDS Grant and agreement with Banner Engineering, and will also discuss Town Hall, County Finance & generating county revenues plus a presentation for LMDA.  An executive session to discuss personnel will also be held during Tuesday’s county commission meeting. 

Prior to the meeting the Commissioners will take a tour of the Lake County Food Pantry located in the ICAP building.  

The Lake County Commission meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday in the commission room in the Lake County Courthouse in Madison.